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Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
Whether it be an emergency, everyday troubleshooting, residential, or small projects, we can handle your needs.
Our team feels that the completion of a construction project should be the beginning of a new working relationship. Improvements and changes are our business.

The Benefits of Infrared Thermal Imaging

Our experienced service team also offers Infrared Thermal Imaging. Our infrared inspection provides a complete documentation of thermal patterns detected in your equipment, structure or system. It uses a subjective evaluation to help you prioritize repairs to provide the greatest return from this inspection and your maintenance.

Infrared imagers “see” the heat radiated from your equipment in real time, just like a video camera sees visible light. In black/white thermograms (pictures of heat), white is hot and black is cold unless otherwise stated. When thermograms are in color, colors in the scene are matched to the reference bar. Colors appearing closer to the top or right of the reference bar indicate higher temperatures. Colors appearing closer to the bottom left of the reference bar indicate lower temperatures. 

Our Service Manager Brad Tattrie

If you are interested in utilizing any of our services, our Service Manager Brad Tattrie would be happy to assist you!

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